Ordering a new Super King Size bed today

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Finally the day has come when my wife has allowed to buy a new bed for us :D Its going to be either regular king size or super king bed ,not sure which one is better? The difference is only around 20cm in width but could that be well worth it for extra space and to make our bedroom more cozy? We found a great company just in Newcastle making these great super king beds and you can get really chunky bed for the price of some cheap chipboard stuff, so a well worth I thought..

Our Vision

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In this fragmented and evolving media landscape, EMW adds power to product placement and integration. We believe we will serve as an increasingly valuable bridge between our three constituencies: entertainment media; brands and retailers; and consumers. EMW is a resource to its brand and content partners, as well as to the consumers of their respective products. We add dimension and vitality to product and brand integration by providing additional, relevant, and otherwise unstated information.

While many brands are realizing the value of placing their products in TV and movies, the majority of products, locations, and services we see are those that can not be identified just by looking at them.

Brands that are easily recognizable, such as a Fed Ex truck or a can of Coke, are what we call “explicit.” However, our analysis shows that 95% of products used in the media are actually “implicit,” like the clothes worn by a character. “Implicit” products cannot be easily identified by the average consumer, but EMW is now developing the potential for this market. To produce all this equipment we needed some reliable machines that we can trust,and we partnered with  to get several nice flexographic machines from them to use to produce our product packaging for some of our shows which launched earlier this year, so yeah we are really excited about it

Currently, “explicit” product placement generates approximately $5 billion. This means the market for “implicit” products could be worth $100 billion.

EMW identifies new opportunities for our brand and retail partners and their “implicit” products. First, EMW maximizes opportunities for media integration, and then closes the loop with our proprietary tools that allow viewers to identify, tag and purchase all the products they see in the media.

Entertainement Media Works

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Entertainment Media Works provides business solutions to all players in the product integration value chain helping to create a dynamic interactive marketplace.

Entertainment Media Works was established in 2004 to act as a bridge between consumers, brands and the media properties involved in the creation of television, music and film. The goal of EMW is to streamline the process that enables brands to promote their products, the media properties to feature products and for consumers to buy those products.

While product placement is a growing business in the US averaging $3.5 billion in 2004 alone, the process is inefficient considering only a few products can be uniquely identified in today’s digital media (TV, Films and Music Videos). The future landscape and rules of business surrounding product placement will forever be changed by EMW’s technology and innovative approach.

Television and film studios, music labels, broadcasters and networks are all facing the challenge to stay ahead when it comes to technology and using that technology to develop increased revenue streams. EMW understands the needs of media companies and has developed solutions that will create new revenue streams and enable innovative marketing opportunities.EMW works with its media company partners to:
Uniquely identify all the products featured in the media
Maintain a current database of all products featured in entertainment media
Acquire additional products at the lowest possible cost
Leverage the assets of the media company to create new branded products
Create all solutions in a non-invasive manner relative to the production process
Product placement has proven itself as a successful marketing tool for years now. However, using product placement as a form of advertising for brands and retailers is a new concept. Today, however there are still major flaws in the business model. Currently it is very difficult to track the performance and results of any products placed in entertainment media like TV, music videos and film. EMW’s solutions help brands and advertisers to not only place those branded products more effectively, but also measure the results on both brand awareness and bottom line sales

EMW works with its Brand and Advertising Partners to:

reduce the barriers associated with placing products in television, music videos and film
measure product exposure and report on product placement effectiveness
maximize sales opportunities for a brand’s featured products
make a closer connection between brands and their consumers